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Within a brief period after its inception, Kalakaari has gained much more than projects, appreciation or adding arms to its business. All these years, it has been answered time and again that the belief they started it all with – IT MAKES IT ABSOLUTELY WORTH IT. Hence, as of now we operate in few wings but it will time soon to add to this magic.

Digital Kalakaari

Businesses will almost cease to exist without their digital presence. Websites, Apps, Digital marketing solutions, so on and so forth. But what will make your target audience to stop by and pay heed to what you intend to communicate. Well,  that will need our Kalakaari as we did for many.

Branding Kalakaari

Branding is almost naming a baby born in this world. The baby would need time, knowledge and value creation to establish his identity. But what must this baby  do so that the world knows only him by his name and not anybody else? How does he mark his presence and ensure it is felt? We have tested many waters doing such exercises and people tell us we do it well. You may find us useful for  yourself. Check out these.

Merchandising Kalakaari

One would lie if ever he said that he doesn’t want to look good. After all, who minds good appreciation when the world is stingy at praising? But this requires experience and certain taste for anybody to make that happen for you. We have ensured for few and it turned out excellent for them. Don’t believe us? Then these brands might help you do so.

Wedding OS

WE ARE INDIA’S FIRST AND ONLY ORGANIZATION TO OFFER PRE WEDDING HOSPITALITY SERVICES. With an exclusive mix of digital and human resource support, we ensure that the guests at big fat Indian weddings are received and served well in an extensively hassle free manner. This involves our developed software and customized services which are crafted for the niche and is the latest innovation in the wedding planning category. To give you a glimpse of our expertise, the below clientele might offer you a glimpse idea of our services

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